Friday, 19 August 2016

Summer project.

Finally got my unconditional offer in the uni! was quite worrying actually as there were questions about my qualifications, i'm glad that's all been sorted out!

Now to crack on with the rest of my summer project: making thumbnails... 101 of them... while being restricted to a handful of items that need to be turned into: Machines, Creatures and Structures, sounds a lot worse then it actually is though, when i ran out of ideas i showed the items to some friends who all made comments that inspired me with new ideas.

OH! And hello other students! I look forward to meeting you! I wonder how many will be in our class... Oooo~ i'm excited!


  1. Welcome, David! You have a fantastic time ahead of you :)

  2. Evening David - looking forward to seeing your creations on here soon! Have fun :)

  3. Hi there! I'll be in second year - welcome to the course!

  4. See link: