Monday, 13 March 2017

Soundscape Final Submission

Keywords when creating the sounds:

Soundscape 1:

The sound of neurons discharging, sending signals to each other. The faint sound of lab equipment and footsteps echo in the distance as sound from presumably a lab filters into the recording. A spike of activity is heard but soon fades out.

Soundscape 2:

Internal microphone records what it sounds like within a pregnant fly, the sound of the flies wings can be heard as well as animal cries that are distorted due to the microphone being inside the fly, as the microphone leaves the signal area the sounds become weaker until lost.

Soundscape 3:

Astronomers have created a type of telescope for your ears, in their first field test they recorded mercury. The sound of cracking soil, the radiation from the sun and even small pockets of melting ice echoing from a small cave.

Soundscape 1 materials:

The hum of a desktop computer
Recorded in a bedroom.

Tapping of a cork board.
Recorded in the university -4th floor coridoor.

Ice being crushed.
Recorded during the snow storm early january 2017.

A squeaky chair.
Recorded in a bedroom.

Soundscape 2 materials:

The flicking of a drink can.
Recorded in university -4th floor base room.

A metal coil being heated.
Recorded in a bedroom.

Ice being crushed.
Recorded during the snow storm early January 2017

Soundscape 3 materials:

Recorded while camping.

Water being poured into a toilet.
Recorded in university -4th floor toilets.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Monday, 6 March 2017

Soundscape 3

The final piece:

The sounds used:

Fire and water:

Pouring water:

Soundscape 2

Final piece:
I recommend wearin eraphones that can use bass, there is a very low bassy undertone which cannot be heard with cheap earphones.

What went into it:

Can flicking:

Heated Coil:

Ice crushing:

Friday, 24 February 2017

Reflective statement

This term has been a real up-hill battle, with the work ramping up in difficulty, personal issues deciding to rear it's ugly head and even trips to the hospital delaying everything. I had to work days without sleep to get everything at a very basic level of competence.
Still, having modelled the characters including the mouse i do think on the 3D front that i have more than adequately delivered, as for the 2D however... Well Out of the 3 characters i designed only one had a full digital make-over, the other 2 were left with sketches and rough digital images.
If i could have done anything differently then i would have dedicated a little more time to my tablet so that i could create fully coloured and shaded orthographs for said characters.