Friday, 24 February 2017

Reflective statement

This term has been a real up-hill battle, with the work ramping up in difficulty, personal issues deciding to rear it's ugly head and even trips to the hospital delaying everything. I had to work days without sleep to get everything at a very basic level of competence.
Still, having modelled the characters including the mouse i do think on the 3D front that i have more than adequately delivered, as for the 2D however... Well Out of the 3 characters i designed only one had a full digital make-over, the other 2 were left with sketches and rough digital images.
If i could have done anything differently then i would have dedicated a little more time to my tablet so that i could create fully coloured and shaded orthographs for said characters.

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  1. Hi Dave - I'd like you to reflect a bit more on this project please - in line with ideas around professionalism, employability and industry expectations - which forms the basis of a lot of my feedback, both at the crit yesterday, and more generally.