Tuesday, 27 September 2016

23/09/16 Character creation class

After the morning animation class i took the character creation class, this had an unorthodox but effective teaching method that brought the whole class together, we are all working well which is great to see.

So to explain, we were each given prerequisites as to what our characters should look like: 'You have been chosen to design background characters for the next Monsters University, I will give you each three pieces of paper, one will have a red number, this indicates how many eyes your character must have, another will be a green number which is how many legs your character has, the next will be a blue number which is how many arms your character has and last is a piece of paper that says what status the character has within the university.'

This is what i got:

  • Bookworm
  • 1 Eye
  • 3 Legs
  • 3 Arms

These are my initial thumbnail sketches:

After we filled the page we were asked to pick out one design and then develop it further on it's own sheet of paper, I chose the bottom left character.

After we finished developing our character it was scanned and placed into Adobe Illustrator where I lined it.