Friday, 18 November 2016

Animation class 18/11/16

In class we were tasked with making a run cycle without any examples, we could run in the classroom to get an idea on how to animate it but that was about it.

Instead of running around the classroom I looked up examples online on how professionals make them, I then sketched out an idea in Photoshop before moving onto Adobe Animate.

The Sketch:

The first animation:

After creating this animation I was asked to make him/her run on the spot, this is a good way to see if things don't match up or are out of place.

Once this was done I was given permission to make edits, I added a secondary action, ears.

When I have some free time I want to polish this up and add some more features to turn it into a  character, possibly add more than one to give depth.

I really want to improve so constructive criticism is welcome! Feel free to comment on what could be improved or what doesn't look right.