Thursday, 15 December 2016

What if Metropolis Reflective Statement

Where to begin... Where to begin... Well this project has was far more stressful then it should have been. With all the misshaps with the essay that had to be handed in not even a week ago, it slowed my workflow, though this could have been avoided as it was merely a form of miscommunication that caused the extra workload.

I feel I should be sure to understand exactly what it is that is being asked of me so as to avoid such levels of stress again, i'm often told I ask too many questions but when I don't ask then I make rather large mistakes... While it may be annoying I feel I should stick with asking questions.

As for 3D Modelling, I let slip my upload schedule of the Maya Homework, now not only will I have work to do over the christmas break but I could also fall behind in the level of skill required to further my study here on the course. I would rather not jeapordise myself like that again.

Same goes for the Film Reviews, that will definitely effect my grade for this project as I failed to keep up with work flow.

Overall this has not been a good project for me, the work itself was fine and not terribly difficult in itself but my lack of ability to juggle workloads is a serious issue that I need to address.

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