Thursday, 26 January 2017

A letter from a.... fan? Hans Twardokus

This is the last thing i expected to find when i got home.
A small letter had been delivered, the address was hand written and it was from Germany, i was confused as i don't know anybody from Germany! i opened the letter and inside was a typed out message, some illustrations of pigs, a piece of card and a prepaid envelope with a german address on it.

the letter is pretty long so i will summarise what it said: "Hello David Green i'm a fan of your cartoons and would love if you could draw my wife a picture of her favourite animal the pig and sign it" here's a photo of the full letter:

The illustrations of pigs:

I was skeptical at first because of scammers who take your signature and use that to steal your identity, so i googled his name and found all sorts of people who have also received personalised letters, apparently he is a well known collector who reaches out to cartoonists all over the globe.

I did draw one but i didn't use my real signature, here's what i made:

I will be posting it on the way to uni tomorrow.

I love how wacky the art world is hahahaha!


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    1. Hahaha maybe this is the start of something great! xD

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  3. I got the letter today, really crazy :D He'll get a pig from me, too, because he asked so nicely. Cool to know that this is legit :)