Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Photographs of "Dr.Green"

The villain for my current story idea is called "Dr.Green" I have drawn up designs but i have yet to upload any photographs... yes that's right Dr.Green is slowly becoming a REAL character.
Scary thought.

Early design was very simple: Goggles, mask, labcoat and a couple of syringes.
Didn't take long for me to start developing it into something more... menacing.
Now with Gloves, large syringe, sound activated light cables connected to a leather pauldron, boots and UV activated lights... Also a haircut.

The character is not finished with yet, take a look at the sketches i've made, work has already started on developing him further.

Yes it looks silly but what better way to understand a character and their motives? Become the character... understand how the character will react in certain situations... understand your character and you will never write them "Out of character"


  1. exciting... but what happens if Dr Green isn't in your story after all, because the story needs someone/something different? You're locking down, David and maybe skewing the brief to your own preoccupations? Tread carefully!

    1. No worries, as I said "The villain for my current story idea" it's just for my current idea.
      If it changes then it changes no big deal