Friday, 14 October 2016

14/10/16 Animation class

In class today we were tasked with creating a bouncing ball and then turning it into some kind of creature by adding body parts, whether that be a tail, ears or whatever comes to mind.
We were to make 3 different creatures.

I can say right now that i should not have tried to add legs to one as constantly correcting them took up too much time and i missed the deadline, in the future i must remember my limits and not be so ambitious... at least they look pretty good now though.

As mentioned before i missed the deadline and only made 2 creatures, I must make this up when i get home or after class hours by creating the final creature.

Here is what i have made so far, i will either edit in or make a new post with the final creature.

The first creature was designed after a fox:

The second creature was designed after a bunny rabbit, I may add ears or tail when i'm home:


  1. bunny = funny! Nicely observed.

    1. Thank you! I really wanted it to look like those from older cartoons such as bambi