Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Franz Kline Artist Study

This is my Artist study of Franz Kline and his work.
I have been set a task to research Mr Kline, study his work and create a city based on said work.

Kline was born in Pennsylvania in 1910, initially he worked figuratively by painting real world scenery such as landscapes and cityscapes but then started to find his own style, in the late 1940's Kline abandoned figurative drawings and painted in Lines that share similarities to that of Cubism.

Kline is recorded to have worked with "fluid, and dynamic" lines that were "non-representative" of what he was painting, he also gained the nickname "The black and white man" after his first one-man show in 1950 at the Egan Gallery.

Kline is reported as being "the most important artist of the Abstract Expressionist movement" according to art critics but his work is so abstract that critics cannot tell what some of his art represents and Kline would often refuse to give explanations or meanings to his work.

Perhaps i should try and come up with my own interpretations of his work, or at least look at what the critics agree on.

Abstractism is not an art stye i am accustomed to, nor one i practice in my spare time but i refuse to believe that this will hinder me or my work during this project, Kline worked with large fluids strokes which means i will have to adapt that into a city design.

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